I never asked to be your girlfriend yet you seem to think otherwise

I never asked to be the “One” and to sleep over every night

I never asked to get to know you and develop something real

I never asked to be close to you and share how we each feel

You never asked me what I wanted and you made so many assumptions

You never asked me if I was feeling you and your self-absorption

You never asked me if I saw a future with you or if you were my type

You never asked me if I even liked you, but you decided what I like

The troubling thing about modern dating is the modern man

He invites you to dinners and like a wolf in sheep’s clothing he pretends to be your friend

But these guys are after one thing…Lauryn Hill got it right

They only buy you food and drinks to get you to go home with them at the end of the  night

As a modern woman I’m cool with that if it’s on my own terms

But when you try and set some rules without asking me you’ve really got some nerve

How dare you send me mixed messages in text messages after I understood it was just a hook up…is it because you know I regret it?

I don’t regret it because you don’t see a future with us

I don’t think it’s a mistake because you didn’t know me enough

I regret it because I don’t even like you and you’re so arrogant you can’t even notice that

I’m ashamed because I gave you a piece of my soul and you ignored it and ruined what we had

What we had was a pure moment of ecstasy that you ruined by drawing emotional lines and walls

And the truth of the matter is that you’re so clueless to your rudeness that I’m appalled

I’m disgusted I gave something so sacred as a one night stand to such an idiot

The only thing good that came out of it was that your head game was kinda lit

Yes one night stands can be sacred when two bodies and two hearts consume each other in pure lust

But you my friend are only capable of being a barely half-decent fuck

I’m not angry because you’re not my soulmate because I knew that the whole two months I curved you

I’m just irritated because you ruined a perfectly good moment with your stipulations, regulations, words of walls, and lazy exclamations

So I’m not cutting you off because of any hurt feelings

I’m saying goodbye because even casual sex should have a  meaning




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