Friends and Benefits

The anticipation built, butterflies in my stomach

Waiting for the moment when I could feel your touch again

Your lips like a forbidden fruit picked fresh from a tree

Your hands so gentle yet so firm traveling all over my body

I touch your hair, feel your facial scruff

Tell you that I’m nervous even though I’ve been craving your touch

Feeling a little uneasy but your confidence makes me sure

My hands scratch the bed and I beg you for more

Your body so warm, your hands so strong

Time flies by and then the night is gone

Multiple bursts of orgasms like fourth of july fireworks

The desire has escalated so much that it hurts

The worst part of all this is not the fact I can’t see you every day

It’s the way you make my body move as I moan your name

I’m trying to keep this casual and not get so caught up

But every time I think about you, hooking up just isn’t enough

I try and keep it cool but I’m worried this oxytocin has me sprung

A dangerous hormone for the female psyche and I don’t want you to know you’ve won

You’ve captured my body, and you’re on the way to infiltrating my spirit

I can’t let you have my heart because I’m afraid to let anyone near it

See, this is the danger of liking someone you fuck

Especially when they know the difference between hitting it and making love



One thought on “Friends and Benefits

  1. Now that we have been introduced I have to be honest. I laughed while reading this one. Why? I had just written a piece by the same title. However, mine explained that at my age “friends with benefits” is the friend who will buy lunch.


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