Pretty Girl Problems

They ask you how you could still be single because your exterior is beautiful

Educated, independent, a good heart, living  a life that’s fruitful

You accept the compliments with caution and agree to a date

You think things are going well and you’re willing to accept his less forgiving traits

Then he leans in for a kiss and his hands start to travel

You were so excited a moment ago, now you feel your interest begin to waver and unravel

You begin to wonder why men treat you like a piece of ass

Your guard goes up and you become disheartened by the number of men trying to move so fast

All you want is for someone to take the time and appreciate you beyond the curve of your lips and the rise in your hips

These attributes that would normally attract someone become a hurdle you can’t overcome

Why are you still single? It’s not because all guys suck

It’s because the cold-hearted truth is most men aren’t secure enough to want a pretty girl for more than a fuck

Your beauty becomes something to be captured, not held onto

Your personality becomes something tolerated for the chance to see you naked

Your capabilities are constantly doubted because you take the time to do your makeup

You begin to feel like an object and your personhood becomes obsolete

You ask God every night to send you man that will love you beyond what he sees

It’s hard to find someone already since so many women will give it up for free

Is it too much to ask to want someone who truly SEES me?

You know something’s up when you don’t give it up and a guy ghosts

I’m sorry that I don’t want to invite you over for something most likely mediocre

Yeah he spent $40 on a happy hour, but I could have paid for myself

To put a price on what’s between my legs is selfish

You become lonely, sexually frustrated, and suspicious of everyone’s intentions

Each time you take a chance, he goes and says something you wish he hadn’t mentioned

About his desire to do nasty things to you, his horniness, or his need to experiment with your race

They say pretty girls have it easy, but can anyone explain the sadness behind my brave face?





4 thoughts on “Pretty Girl Problems

  1. I’m not a pretty girl but am the father to two. I understand you completely, having been a young imature man once….admitted ashamedly. I will say the same occurs to me now as an older, late 40’s, man. Often I will be outgoing with younger women and not thinking they would be attracted to me find myself in a corner. They too seek someone who just wants to hang out and have fun. My advice….hang in there! Those boys will grow up…I hope.

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    1. Thank you so much for these kind words. I think the thing that is disappointing is coming across men who are your age and still act that way. The reason why I write about it is so I don’t become bitter and jaded and drive away someone because of these boys that I meet, I have faith someday I will find someone who makes it all worth it 🙂

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