New Phone Who Dis?

I got a new phone recently and I purposely did not put 80% of my numbers in it

I got a new attitude recently and I am pointedly avoiding certain people

I got a new outlook on life recently and it doesn’t include dealing with the rude, the weak, and the obsolete

I got a new job a few months ago and I love what I do, who I work with, and how I feel

I got my own apartment recently and I enjoy coming home alone and being grown

I made some new friends recently and I’m feelin our late night beers, blunts, and chats in the dark

I’ve been traveling more recently and I’ve realized the world is so fucked up and so beautiful…makes you wonder what else there is out there

I’ve been changing my hair a lot lately and embracing my curvy figure

I’ve been wearing lashes everyday and taking time to apply my makeup in the mirror

I’ve been laughing more, loving myself, and forgetting about anyone else who is only concerned with themselves

If you haven’t heard from me recently it’s probably…no, DEFINITELY because you were holding me back from getting to this point

If I cut you off in the next few months it’s because your energy is not compatible with mine and I’m just tryna hang with people who wanna love each other and drink wine

I love falling in love with myself

Now I’m working towards falling in love with someone else

I know he’s out there…I can feel him

But until we meet I’m having the time of my life doing me